Audio format hints and tips

The following hints and tips will help you in producing the best quality audio output. Please take the time to read the following points as observing these help you and the RNIB provide a better service to the end-customer.

  • Record in a relatively small room with soft furnishings, rather than a kitchen or bathroom, for example
  • Leave a few seconds of silence/room atmosphere at the beginning and end of each file
  • Take 5 minutes to prepare before starting to record. Check difficult pronunciation and write down sentences that run over to the next page so you don’t have to turn the page while recording
  • Try and make sense of what you are reading. If you don’t understand it, the chances are those listening won’t either
  • Read clearly, not too fast, and try and make it interesting
  • Please don’t put on any accents unless requested
  • Stop the recording for page turns and for any other ambient background noise
  • Check any edits you make by playing back the recording
  • Take regular breaks to avoid your mouth drying out