Customer Comments

RNIB loves receiving feedback on our Personal Transcription Service, as it helps us refine and improve the service, whilst also seeing the benefits and joy we bring to our customers. Below is a short compilation of recent feedback about the service, that we'd like to share with all our customers and volunteers.

Anonymous - commented 13.04.2018

What an amazing service. I have a very unusual taste in books and the audio books the library have to offer are generally not the type of thing I enjoy reading - your wonderful service enables me to read all the books I want to read!! Thank you!

Anonymous - commented on 11.04.2018

Thank you so much for transcribing my Father’s diary extracts of his time as a prisoner of war. My father died when he was 57 and never spoke of this sad time. Now we have it on CD and both me and my granddaughter listen to it and are very grateful that we have this very personal memory of him.

Anonymous - commented on 12.03.2018

My son bought me the book but I've never been able to read it, then I found out about your wonderful service and I'm so grateful that you're able to transcribe this into Audio for me. I'm so excited, it means so much to me.

Anonymous - commented on 11.02.2018

The recording is brilliant, all the different voices are just brilliant, Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Anonymous - commented on 02.02.2018

Thank you for such a wonderful audio recording - such clear and accurate pronunciation of hard Buddhist terminology and names. So appreciative of this much needed service.

Anonymous - commented on 18.01.2018

Thank you very much for the book. It sounded amazing. The volunteer was perfect for the book.