Audio file formats and bit-rate

Audio files should be submitted as MP3, M4A or WAV files, ideally with a bitrate of 128kbps. We can however accept anything between 56kbps and 256kbps.

Audio software and hardware

You can use whatever software/hardware you have to produce the audio file/s but please bear in mind that we always try to produce the best quality output we can.

If you need to download audio recording software, the open source software Audacity is free, cross platform compatible and very widely used. You can download Audacity at

This YouTube tutorial How to use Audacity for beginners may be useful.

Please note: This suggestion for audio software is provided for illustrative purposes only. RNIB assumes no responsibility or liability for the software, for the use of said software or for the license or title, and provides no warranties or support. The download and use of any software is at the users own risk. Other options for audio recording software downloads are available.

If you are recording using a smart phone the information found by following the links below may be useful. There is more information online.